PornMegaLoad - Selena Adams - Blowing Your Mind

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Description: Selena Adams enters the bedroom and the first thing she wants to do is show us how her sexy bra and thong panties look on her beautiful body. If anyone is the ultimate Miami hottie, Selena is that girl. There's someone in bed who's going to help Selena demonstrate her blow job and tit-fucking skills. Whoever it is is no dummy. Selena gets into bed, a smile on her gorgeous face. She rubs the bulge and says in a breathy, whispery bedroom voice, "I love the way it bulges out like that." She takes the imitation cock out of the fly to suck, lick and kiss it. When Selena gives a boyfriend a blow job, she makes love to his cock and shows how she does it. Selena says she likes to begin slowly and seductively, a mix of tease, denial and edging. "I like to almost make out with it," Selena purrs. It must be a real struggle not to pop quickly, the way she tongues, kisses and licks. Selena sucks faster and deeper, making choking sounds. She spits all over it and strokes it. So now we can see…
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